“The best winter coats and jackets that we predict are going to sell out”

We don’t mean to alarm you, but winter is coming. And with it, comes the search for the best winter coats. And why waste time dreaming of the weather we should be having when you could be enjoying a seriously epic winter? Sure, there's less sun, but the clothes are SO much better. Particularly when it comes to outerwear...

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Whilst your favourite pieces for chillier days might not have got much action last winter, save for your daily walk, as we continue to navigate our way around this post-lockdown new normal a stylish winter coat is just the cosy, reliable piece you need. It's also an investment that you'll wear for years to come.

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Yes there are trends that come and go, but the primary coat styles are mainstays every season – puffer jackets, shearling styles, checks and faux fur are always seasonal favourites. The cherry on top of your carefully curated #lewk – even if that is still predominantly leggings and trainers right now – these coats will see you through this season and beyond.

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