Nowadays TikTok has become one of the most used and popular social platforms on the internet. However, it’s more than just a form of entertainment. TikTok has been a tool for small businesses to promote their works and it has created so many fashion trends that inspire people. So here is our list of the top trends in this year.

More often than not, we end up spending hours (like, hours) looking at TikTok, laughing our way through funny videos, discovering helpful hacks, and, of course, learning about all-things fashion, such as whether or not it's still cool to wear skinny jeans.

1. Combat boots

The reign of white sneakers has come to an end to give way to the newest shoe must-have: combat boots! These chunky pairs are all over TikTok, especially the platform variety.

This footwear is a staple for e-girls, but it surprisingly works well with different outfits too. If you don’t know how to incorporate your Doc Martens into your look, TikTok is here to the rescue!

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2. Y2K

Early 2000’s fashion has come back in a big way on TikTok. This trend consists of colored eyeliner, cropped tank tops in bright colors like hot pink, low-rise jeans, flared yoga pants, claw hair clips, tracksuits, and nail art. Two OG 90’s/Y2K brands are Juicy Couture and Von Dutch. Brands like Skims and Amazon offer a more modern take on Y2K clothing, especially as it has come back in style recently. Another great place for both vintage and newer Y2K inspired clothing is Depop, especially if you are on a budget!

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3. Silk dresses

A timeless classic, silk slip dresses are beautiful to look at and feel great on. Ranging from emerald green to white to black and every color in between, these dresses can bring confidence and class to your closet. They can be dressed up with knee length boots or doc martens and sheer tights, or dressed down with a leather jacket and sneakers.

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4. Leather

Leather blazers and oversized jackets are in full swing for the fall and winter seasons. These are a staple wardrobe piece, because they can easily be dressed up or dressed down. Faux leather pants are also becoming big, especially in colors like olive, brown, gray, and beige. For vintage or less expensive options, check out thrift stores (especially men’s sections)!

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