“The Best Sweater Dresses to Invest In This Season”

With the last of the warm fall days behind us, it’s officially time to start prepping your wardrobe for the impending cold ahead. Apart from making sure you have a well-rounded collection of outerwear and winter accessories at your disposal, getting through the next few months unscathed requires stocking up on a range of knitwear that will work hard in your everyday lineup. The key? Invest in pieces that are spun from durable fabrics and designed to last for seasons. While oversized jumpers and cardigans are the obvious pickups, there are also plenty of sweater dresses on the market worth adding to cart.

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For all intents and layering purposes, a sweater dress may have more to offer than you may think. If the season's change coincides with your official return-to-office date, a loose-fitting sweater vest dress can be worn solo with tights or paired over trousers in a similar shade. Those who prefer a more traditional approach can’t go wrong with a second-skin knitted dress.

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Regardless of your aesthetic, there's a sweater dress for you. Ahead, find a well-curated selection of the best sweater dresses on the market—plus outfit inspiration to help you wear each style effortlessly.

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