“The 9 Biggest Bag Trends That Will Define 2023”

September was entirely devoted to the different fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, where all the fashion houses showed their take on the Spring/Summer 2023 season. Even though we still have to wait a couple of months before 2022 ends, it has become clear what kind of designs will elevate our look next year - especially the bags.

[DEMA – CÉDELAR (cedelarshop.com), HILLY – CÉDELAR (cedelarshop.com), USPEN – CÉDELAR (cedelarshop.com)]


Where maximalism was at the helm of the most coveted bag styles past season, the bag trends that will define 2023 are more streamlined, subtle, and refined – even if they make a statement.

[POLINA – CÉDELAR (cedelarshop.com), KADIA – CÉDELAR (cedelarshop.com), ZNIA – CÉDELAR (cedelarshop.com)]


Understated luxury is becoming the main tendency when it comes to bags for 2023. Both PRE-LOVED BAG STYLES and new designs from established and rising fashion houses are making their way into current collections. Statement- and 90s bags are still a thing, but in a more elevated and less obvious way, whereas small styles are now actually functional rather than an accessory gimmick.

[ZIKIL – CÉDELAR (cedelarshop.com), ATRINA – CÉDELAR (cedelarshop.com), ZAFIR – CÉDELAR (cedelarshop.com)]