“The 9 Best Suit Sets for Heading Back to the Office”

Not every office closed for the pandemic, but if yours did, you know the butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling that accompanies a return to the commuting life. Suddenly, we're reconsidering what to wear to work like it's our first day on the job. We're not just getting dressed again; we're getting dressed professionally again.

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Repeat after us: Don't overthink your work outfits. The simplest solution to any and all workwear dilemmas is right in front of you in the form of a classic suit set. Right now, slightly oversized blazers and tailored yet stretchy separates are everywhere. Long-lost strong shoulders and elevated fabrics bring the polish; looser silhouettes keep all the comfort we've grown used to these last two years. There's an instant confidence boost waiting in these suits that sweatpants simply can't compete with.

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There may be lingering questions about our brave new world of hybrid work, but what to wear won't be one of them. Ahead, find 9 suit sets that look great on Zoom and even better back at the office.

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