CÉDELAR, a new trend, an edgy brand

In recent years, dozens of brands have appeared in the clothing sector and around 500 brands are registered every day. This is why it is essential for a new brand to make a place for itself from the very beginning of its creation. The secret of everything, a communication, a concept, a strategy developed as precisely as possible. This was the case for Cédelar, a new clothing brand based on a classic chic style. For a few years now, many young people have been buying tons of clothes on the Internet that their influencer, their idol, buys.

A classic chic style

Influencers are looking for brands with a new concept, this "something extra" that others don't have, the edgy concept being the most popular. All this Cédelar has understood this well, which is why today the brand has several dozen unique items, all unique, different visuals, cuts, fabrics, originality while remaining sober.

An artistic brand

Cédelar is constantly looking for the artist inside you, each product put online has this "something that others don't have". The difference is what is artistic in a garment. The spirit of the brand has no key word except "Authenticity".

"We make art, not clothes"

Be yourself, be happy

Are you looking for your identity through a clothing style? Don't be surprised by influencers, be yourself, let the artist inside you speak, know how to find the right items for YOU. Don't let fashion constrain your busy mornings anymore. Enough to look for hours of outfits so that no one notices that you made an effort that day, Cédelar offers you its collection of extraordinary clothes that promises an offbeat style all in sobriety.

"Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed", LAVOISIER 18th century. This quote also works in fashion. All Cédelar fabrics are fabrics transformed into unique pieces, in all kinds, accessories, bags, jewellery, a large choice of tops, dresses or even unstructured trousers.

An edgy brand

This young men's and women's ready-to-wear brand will certainly leave its mark on the fashion sector with its audacity and pioneering style. Be ready to ensure the future of fashon with this pretty up market brand.

Cédelar_'s best sellers

Here is a small selection of our best sellers so that you can get an idea of the products you will find at Cédelar.