How to dress for your body shape

Which kind of clothing suits you best depends on your figure. Nowadays, the choice of clothes is so diverse that no matter what your height, height, figure or body shape, everyone can find clothes that flatter them. When it comes to looking good, it's not your size or shape that matters, it's the fit of your clothes. Wearing the right clothes shouldn't be about following the latest fashion trends; it should be about choosing what suits you and what makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Knowing your right body shape and understanding it will help you hide your less than perfect bits and dress you in a way that really suits you.

The inverted triangle

If your bottom half is smaller than your top and you have squared shoulder line, you’re most likely to have an inverted triangle body shape. The most basic rule to dressing yourself is to keep details and anything that create volume to your lower half and clean uncluttered look for your upper half. Avoid anything with small strap and halter neck. Here are our suggestions for your body shape:

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The hourglass shape

If your shoulders and hips are about equal width and you have a defined waist, chances are you have an hourglass shape. This is one of the most flattering body types, and you should use your outfit to balance your shoulder, bust, waist and hips. Use lines to draw the eyes to where you want as they can help create curves and emphasize parts of your body. Perfect items to highlight your body would be wrap top, dresses with tie, V-neck or peplum. Here’s your Cedelar options:

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The pear body shape

The pear body shape is characterised by large hips which are wider than the bust and shoulders. Other characteristics of this body shape are a defined waist, and proportionately slim arms and shoulders. It is heavier on the bottom which creates an imbalance with the upper half of the body. The key to dressing this body shape is to take attention away from the wider hips and to draw it towards the upper body and defined waist instead.

You want to create the illusion of volume on the upper body while emphasising the waist and de-emphasising the lower body to create a balanced silhouette.

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