“Fresh Ways To Style Jeans And A Cosy Knit”

The pleasure of a great pair of jeans and a trophy knit can’t be overstated. Be it a cosy neutral cardigan styled with crisp white jeans; simple blue jeans and a bright sweater, or dark jeans paired with a super-soft bradigan, Katie Holmes style, the feel-good possibilities are endless.

A few things to consider when picking your pairing: focus on the way your jeans fit. Then, pick a knit that complements the style of your denim. Boxy jumpers look great with a high-waisted pair, while baggy jeans are best styled with a high-neck or – if you’re willing to take the risk – a “curtain reveal” cardi.

For inspiration, look to the street-style set. Guests at the spring/summer 2022 shows served up myriad fresh ways to wear jeans and knits. Bright jumpers and baggy denim were a recurring theme both on and off the catwalks.

Scroll on for outfit inspo, and the hero pieces to invest in now.

French-girl style

Why not emulate your favourite Parisian style muse in cropped jeans and a chic sweater? Loafers and a neck-tie will have you feeling like you’re in the City of Love in no time.

[ ELINE – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com) , LEO – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com) ]

Pale shades

All white or cream looks aren’t for the faint-hearted (or clumsy) among us, but they do guarantee an air of luxe.

[ AGAIN – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com) , KATI – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com) ]

A cosy roll-neck

Roll-neck knits are a timeless staple. Not only do they keep your neck warm, but they look effortlessly casual.

[ RANA – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com) , THEO – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com) ]

Cropped and ready

Cropped knitwear isn’t necessarily the most practical, but there’s no denying it looks good. To avoid drafts, add a cosy puffer.

[ DITO – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com) , LIAM – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com) ]