Four pieces to invest in your closet for this season

Investment pieces are the timeless, versatile, high-quality staples in your closet that you can buy once and own for years to come. While the price tag might be intimidating, the price-per-wear is probably cheaper than those fast fashion products we buy on a daily basis just because they sound good in the short-term. Beyond being way more responsible for the environment, filling your closet with timeless pieces can save you money and efforts on the long term.

1. Jeans

High-quality denim can be nearly indestructible, especially considering jeans don’t require washing after every wear. Since they’re such an everyday item, invest a little in a few styles from a brand that works really well for your particular shape. Denim micro-trends may come and go, but classic cuts that fit you flawlessly will last for years.

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2. Jackets and Blazers

Not only are these types of pieces instant outfit makers, it’s an area where quality is really readily visible. Invest in a black blazer with an impeccable fit, and a great embellished jacket. You can throw on either over nearly any ensemble—from jeans and a white tee to your work-wardrobe go-tos—for an immediate upgrade.

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3. Work shoes

Since you’ll wear them nearly every day, it’s a good idea to spend a little more money on shoes that you know you’ll be comfortable in. For a shoe selection that will work with any office outfit, keep one pair of black pumps and one pair of nude pumps on hand.

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4. Winter coats

Spending a little more on outerwear for the colder months ensures higher-quality materials—like down versus a polyester-based filling—that will keep you warm and comfortable when the temperatures drop below freezing.

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