"Back to Beige!"

As far as trends go, you’d be forgiven for assuming that beige equals boring. Over the past few seasons, fashion and our social media feeds have been dominated by not-so-neutral glitz, be it dazzling sequins or fanciful feathers, as well as (on the other end of the scale) all things athleisure. We've had little reason to desire a flesh-toned palette; beige-coloured sequins? No, thank you. But, fast forward to Paris Fashion Week and a street style scene awash with ecru, khaki and cappuccino, and suddenly it was the 50 shades of beige that set pulses racing.

[OKISA – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com), HOLINA – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com), TILIAR – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com)]

The idea of the ‘statement piece’ has commandeered the runways in recent years. Designers, established and emerging, have championed ‘eye-catching’ en masse: embellishment, colour, logos, feathers… the more eccentric, the better. Unsurprisingly, a neutral wardrobe has often felt unimaginative in the face of the supercharged sequins beloved by everyone from designers and celebrities to some of the most photographed street style stars, so why the return of ‘boring’ beige? And why is it so alluring now?

[PELISA – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com), HEARTI – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com), MOGZIM – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com)]

One thing’s for sure, it’s a hell of a lot easier to get dressed in the morning when faced with a wardrobe comprised of camel and khaki over a rail filled with brocades and beads, (although such fun-loving favourites still have a time and place, so don’t go throwing those away). But don’t worry, we’re not suggesting that head-to-toe is the only way to embrace beige; For those already well versed in the top-to-toe tan arena? Well then the world of beige is your oyster.

If you’re unconvinced by beige as a trend, why not opt for a classic outerwear item or accessory and pair it with other prints and colours. A trench is always a good investment, or you could try shiny coat for something with a bit more of an edge - teamed with pale pastels, it’s the perfect way to dip a toe in neutral waters.

[IRONIL – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com), TRETA – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com), KVESTA – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com)]