An easy guide to a Parisian wardrobe

One of the most famous and timeless looks that people around the world has been loving is Parisian style. While we can’t all be Parisian, we can learn a lot from French women when it comes to dressing – specifically those who live in the capital city of Paris. The key to dressing Parisian is to keep it casual but chic. Parisian women know how balance looking laid back, yet put together. With a solid closet of wardrobe basics, it’s easy to put together a classic and cool look without coming across as arrogant or over-dressed.

In France, a lot of energy goes into one’s personal appearance, particularly what is worn on the body as a form of self expression. Clothing is a big part of Parisian culture; after all, this is one of the world fashion capitals.

A silky slip under an oversized button up shirt

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Trench coat, white top and some blue jeans

Parisians also appreciate neutral tones. They don’t really like clothing to be colorful or ostentatious, especially not an outfit to be worn for a casual day out. Black, white and different shades of beige are common sightings around Paris’ streets.

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Oversized blazer, black top and some blue jeans

Parisians like simple, classic pieces that remain timeless even in the fluctuating trend climate. Must-have pieces such as a good pair of jeans, a trench coat, and basic knitwear are always good to have on hand for day to day excursions.

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Midi floral dress with some colorful heels

Parisian loves wearing lightweight flowy midi dress with a floral print and a cropped cardigan for chillier days.

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