“Accessory trends spotted at Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Weeks”

Accessories make the outfit, and fashion month is a master class in that lesson. For some, that meant precious pearl earrings and romantic hats, while others designed accessories where "camp" barely begins to cover it. See what we're talking about in our gallery of the best jewelry, sunglasses, and more.

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A combination of refreshed classics and bold new favorites are popular this year. From an update on the classic beret to the much-loved ’00s wide waist belt, there are plenty of new pieces that will elevate your existing wardrobe. Traditional jewelry like pearls and gold earrings get a fresh update and are sure to inspire you. Some of these are the renewed staples, and others are made for the bold fashion risk-taker. These are the latest accessory trends spotted at Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Weeks.

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Looks served during fashion week are always fresh, but it’s the accessories that take the average outfit and transform it into a work of art. This season, jewelry is big and bold with statement earrings making a strong showing (delicate hoops, your days just might be numbered). Sculptural pieces in organic materials, like glass and ceramic, seem to be one of the biggest trends of the season. And in a continuation of past seasons, pearls, albeit with a twist, continue to have their moment.

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