“9 Summer Fashion Trends That You Need”

Pack away your spring jackets, and prepare for a Hot Plans Summer, at least fashion-wise. The biggest — and the most can't-miss — summer 2022 fashion trends like mini skirts and platform shoes, as well as mood-boosting styles like fringe, will ensure you're ready for a season of dopamine dressing.

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Bold colors had their fair share of moments on the spring/summer 2022 runways in September and will trickle down to street style and red carpets well into fall. As many in the industry predicted, cut-outs will also resume their reign as the most popular style to come out since pandemic restrictions have been lifted, as we continue to shed lockdown layers. From weddings to vacations and rooftop parties, there's a style for any occasion, whether it be a fully perforated catsuit or a midi dress with subtle slit detailing.

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From the hottest color of the year to summer's most playful (and trippy) print, welcome — and shop — the 9 biggest warm-weather fashion trends of 2022.

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