“9 Easy White Dresses for Warm Days Ahead”

While we may have debunked the idea that wearing white is reserved for the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day, there is still something super-festive about wearing white in the summer months, whether that’s a great white jean, or in this case, an easy white dress for women.

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Should your white dress of choice be a strapless or a one-shoulder maxi dress, the ease and sophistication of a white dress is a summer staple for any scenario—be it an all-white party or a beach barbecue. The white dress also lays the foundation for any summer accessory like a piece of colorful jewelry or something fancier like a square-toe heel.

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For the sunny days ahead, a great white dress is the ticket you’ll need to feel comfortable and chic all summer long. From romantic dresses to more casual takes on the trend, and even a classic slip dress, the white dress is perfect for any summer scenario ahead. Here, 9 easy white dresses for women that are sure to become your favorite summer wardrobe staple.

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