“9 Cedelar Editors On Their Favourite Winter Boots”

When it comes to winter, there’s no such thing as too prepared. A great pair of winter boots is an essential investment at this time of year – not simply as a means of keeping your feet warm and dry, but also a way to enhance your every winter look, from jeans to skirts to knitted maxi dresses. Asked to share their favourite winter boots, the Cedelar editors recommended an eclectic selection that spans sensible flats or outré.

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We’re planning to spend much of this winter buried under the covers, but when we do venture out, you'll find us wearing the best winter boots. (The only thing worse than leaving the coziness of home for a grocery run in the bitter cold is doing so in white sneakers—and then stepping into a gray slush puddle.) If we've learned anything from transitional dressing, it’s to expect the unexpected, and that includes unpredictable weather.

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Navigating winter streets, sidewalks, and parking lots requires footwear that can handle the good, the bad, and the just plain ugly. The best cold-weather boots for all-day wear are weather-appropriate—and still look chic when you head indoors.

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