“2022 Jewelry Trend Report”

Unlike clothing and accessories, jewelry has little protective functionality, amulets aside. Bracelets and jeweled barrettes might not be able to keep out the cold, but a pretty bauble can certainly warm the heart. Beyond their intrinsic value, there’s a strong emotional aspect to these small and special adornments.

[HIMAL – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com), CLASSI – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com), GLASIL – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com)]

While every season has its jewelry trends, it generally takes a long while for specific pieces to feel dated—especially these days when designers are referencing many past decades all at once.

[KAMELION – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com), AMATA – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com), UKUMA – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com)]

Gobstopper-sized pearls, once a symbol of 1980s muchness, returned with a sense of fun. Speaking of amusement, instead of swinging on chandeliers, why not wrap crystals drop around your neck? Alternatively you might let the fringe fly from lobes and wrists. Fall’s tendency is toward big statements, but there were lots of niche motifs like locks and keys, flowers, and fauna. Ear-shaped earrings, mouth-shaped pins, and other body-inspired pieces offered an ersatz anatomy lesson.

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